LaShawn Rodgers

LaShawn Rodgers

LaShawn Rodgers, RN

High Risk Obstetrics
Brookwood Medical Center
Birmingham, Alabama
United States

LaShawn Rodgers and Tamika Reeves were both honored with DAISY Awards this month for going above and beyond in the care of a pregnant mother during the twelve weeks she was on their unit. This mother had lost a baby at 20 weeks gestation at Brookwood the previous year so there was much concern on the unit for this mother. Over the course of the 12 weeks that this patient remained on the HROB unit, the nurses offered not just excellent clinical care to her but also emotional support and encouragement. Because of her extended stay, the patient was unable to attend her baby shower, go shopping for her baby, get the nursery ready, or do any of the usual preparations and rituals which are such an important part of first-time parenthood.

The nurses noticed that the patient was missing out on the celebratory aspects of pregnancy and didn't fully engage in the "fun" aspects of pregnancy such as going through baby gifts she had received or decorating her hospital room. Our Chaplain talked to the patient, who acknowledged that she was being a little self-protective because of her previous loss. The plan was to keep the patient on bedrest until 36 weeks and then deliver the baby. After the patient reached 35 weeks (11 of those on hospital bedrest), Lashawn and Tamika began to think about a way to offer something special for this patient. They planned an in-room surprise baby shower on a Sunday when the patient's husband could attend and invited the staff. LaShawn and Tamika brought in decorations and party food, and the rest of the staff brought cards and small gifts. For the first time since her hospitalization, the patient allowed herself to relax and enjoy and celebrate.

Our Chaplain added, "When I visited the patient on the following Monday, the patient asked me to read the cards that had been given to her by the staff. The patient shared with me how much the shower had meant to her as a time to finally let go and enjoy, and she also shared how deeply the cards and sentiments of the staff touched her. Many thanks to LaShawn and Tamika for giving this patient the opportunity to be playful and have fun in the last days of her pregnancy. On the Wednesday after the Baby Shower, the patient was moved to L&D to deliver her baby. Her baby girl was delivered into the arms of her parents - long awaited and much loved!"