Kyrsten Anderson

Kyrsten Anderson

Kyrsten Anderson, RN

Rapid Admission Unit/med/surg
Rapid City Regional Hospital
Rapid City, South Dakota
United States

My mom was hospitalized for breathing difficulties, a UTI, and pneumonia. She has been in the hospital 7 or 8 times over the last year, with each stay being an average of 7-10 days. This hospital visit mom was blessed to land on the third floor in med/surg. I say this because the care provided to her significantly exceeded the care she had received during her prior visits. Kyrsten not only provided competent medical care, but she also provided comfort and compassion for my mom. Kyrsten monitored my mom frequently to assess her pain level and lucidity. She worked hard to manage the pain and provide comfort while also trying to balance giving mom too much pain medication to keep her confused.

Kyrsten interacted with me and my dad, along with mom when she was lucid, to try to understand what was normal for mom and how she normally managed her pain and comfort at home. As her stay continued, Kyrsten recommended things to the docs and our family that would assist in keeping mom more comfortable, such as a central line and a tube to assist with mom's loose bowels. She was excellent at explaining everything to my mom and our family, and constantly talked to mom about what she was providing for medications, antibiotics, or anything else. She treated my mom with dignity! Kyrsten's interactions with the doctors only enhanced mom's care. She was informed and competent in the information she provided, which allowed the doctors to make necessary decisions. There were times when we were discussing palliative care and certain procedures (like a bronchoscope) while she was taking care of mom in the room, and Kyrsten listened and respected our conversation but also chimed in when we asked.

Lastly, whenever I arrived at the hospital or called on the phone to catch up on the latest status or any new information, Kyrsten would provide me with any updates which she was allowed to provide. Each time when we left mom for the day, we knew she could trust that her needs would be covered by her competent and caring nurse. I sure hope that she knows she was an angel for my mom during her care.