Kyla Ferrell
September 2015
Post Partum/Lactation
IU Health North Hospital
United States




I recently delivered my second son at IU North who was a pre-termer and wanted to write you a note to acknowledge and recognize the outstanding help I received from Kyla Ferrell. Kyla went above and beyond to help me and my little one with early nursing success. This was my second early baby and I had a very hard time with breastfeeding my first and so I had very high hopes that this one would go better. Unfortunately, I had a spinal headache for the second time and my epidural and was unable to sit up in bed to try nursing my baby. They ended up doing a blood patch at the 24 hour mark in the labor and delivery floor and Kyla knew I had one more chance with her before discharging to try to latch my very sleepy baby. Kyla stayed well after her shift ended and met me down in the triage room where I was having my blood patch done to help me nurse my baby one last time before I left. She even got him to latch while only laying down flat. I just wanted to write this note to you to say that she was outstanding and I am so thankful I had her over the weekend when I had my baby.