Kristin Ostheim
June 2018
Inpatient Oncology
FirstHealth Moore Regional Hospital
United States




I would like to express my gratitude and let you know about an exceptional nurse that took care of my husbandpart of the time during his 10-day hospital stay. This exceptional nurse was Kristen Ostheim. My husband was told that his cancer had returned and that it was terminal. He had been sick for quite a while before receiving this news and was admitted to the hospital on the same day we received this news. I am not sure of the exact day that Kristen first cared for him. The care she provided him when assigned to him was exceptional. She was also very kind not only to my husband but to me, his wife, as well. She knew that on the day he was admitted to the hospital I had also learned that one of my children had passed away unexpectedly. I cannot adequately put into words how kind and caring she was to me. She offered hugs to me so many times. She talked to me and was very compassionate. When caring for my husband, I felt she really did everything humanly possible to care for him, to be compassionate, to be kind, and help him maintain as much dignity as possible. While doing all of this she was also able to make him smile and laugh at times. Even on the days that she was assigned to other patients she always found a way to pop into his room to check on him, and me. I can never thank her enough for the care and concern shown to my husband most importantly, and to me. I feel very fortunate that my husband and I were lucky enough to have had her care for him. Kristen went above and beyond to do everything possible for him. Unfortunately, my husband passed away while inhospice. Even though I am so sad and my heart is hurting so much, I wanted to take the time to thank Kristen for everything and also to let the hospital know how lucky they are to have such an amazing employee as Kristin Ostheim.