Kori Gilbert

Kori Gilbert

Kori Gilbert, RN

Labor & Delivery Unit
Cheyenne Regional Medical Center
Cheyenne, Wyoming
United States

I work as a travel RN on L&D and it has been a great pleasure meeting and working with Kori. Although Kori is a new graduate nurse, I want to tell you not only is Kori a new graduate, she exceeds in patience and compassion.

Kori is very enthusiastic in her love for her job and she shows it by her smile and enthusiasm. Kori maintains patience and compassion even in difficult patient situations. An example of one of these difficult situations was a laboring mentally challenged young woman delivering her first child. Kori, not only was this patient's nurse, she almost became like this patients big sister, someone she could trust and feel comfortable with. Kori took the time to not only labor this patient but this patient trusted and requested Kori the next day while she was still on the labor and delivery unit due to complications.

On the third night following her delivery, again she requested Kori as her nurse. This patient's baby ended up in NICU and this patient did not have any family support at this time. This particular night, we were so busy; every room on post-partum was full. Kori not only had this young lady, she also had 4 other patients. This patient did not have any other family support so she turned to Kori as her support person. She would ask Kori to please take her to the nursery and Kori would walk her to the NICU but may I add Kori did not just walk with her; she took her hand and walked with her, just as a big sister would take a little sisters hand. Kori showed her the security and love this patient needed at this time.

The post-partum unit was full, and we are also learning EPIC charting. We were down one nurse in the nursery and Kori was floated from postpartum to the nursery to help while the other nurse attended the 4 deliveries we had that night. Kori never once complained about her assignment, floating between the nursery, but most of all I noticed Kori, holding this young patients hand, walking and talking to this patient as if she was the only patient in the world. It brings tears to my eyes, because I have a brother with Down's syndrome, who has been a patient in the hospital and I know that he was treated this same way and it means the world to me to see others treated with this kindness.

This is just one situation but there are others. Kori is a very conscientious nurse, she double and triple checks her orders, patient identifiers and ask questions when she is unsure. Kori is a young nurse but she is dedicated and compassionate about her job. Kori takes pride in her job here at CRMC. She is willing to help anyone out even as she learns the ins and out of our department. Kori takes the initiative to help not only her patients but her co-workers. Kori never walks by her co-workers without asking is there anything I can help you with? Kori is patient and kind at work and in her everyday life. I would hope that if I would ever have a situation that requires medical attention that I would be lucky enough to have Kori take care of me.

Thank you Kor, for everything you do, you make me proud to be a nurse.