Kimberly Bailey

Kimberly Bailey

Kimberly Bailey, RN

Hamilton Medical Center
Dalton, Georgia
United States

Kim was very respectful to my Mother while a patient as well as very respectful to me and other family members. Even when she was not assigned my Mother's room she came and helped with whatever was needed. We are so thankful to Hamilton Medical Center for having such a sweet and caring person. She obviously made a great career choice. Thank you!


Kim Bailey is an excellent nurse. She goes above and beyond on a daily basis. She makes sure not only is the patient taken care of but the families as well. She cries with the patients and the families. She hugs her patients. She gives her patients her undivided attention. She is a great team player and will stay over her shift until all her team is gone. She helps every single nurse on the floor. She is dependable and always on time.

We had a patient that had no home and was staying at a run down motel. The patient had few possessions but cried because she was afraid the motel would throw them away with her being in the hospital. Kim got off of work went to that motel and got that poor patient's few belongs and brought them right back up here to the patient.

I was helping Kim in a room one day and Kim was getting the patient in the shower. I heard the patient tell Kim that she was an angel that she didn't have to do all that she did for her that she knew Kim cared about her and Kim would never know what her kindness meant to her.

We had a nurse move across the country to Arizona because her husband got stationed there out of basic training. This nurse was going to have to drive to Arizona all by herself with her one year old son. Kim volunteered to ride with the nurse to help take care of the baby and then Kim used her own money and flew back home. That is the kind of person she is.

There is nothing she will not do for anyone-for her patients, for their families, for her coworkers. Kim has a heart of gold and is a blessing to so many. She deserves this DAISY Award.