Keya Cooley

Keya Cooley

Keya Cooley, RN

Stem Cell Transplant
UAMS Medical Center
Little Rock , Arkansas
United States

     We have a patient with a long term diagnosis who is also receiving chemotherapy. The only family he has is an elderly mother who lives out of state and is not able to provide any assistance.  I have seen no visitors except for the chaplain since he has been admitted.

      I was asked to go see him as he told Keya he had some money missing from his suitcase. While visiting with him, I noticed he also had a hard time communicating with his speech on top of being distraught about the $20.00 that was missing. He demonstrated how he had gone through his suitcase numerous times but could not find the missing dollars.  He did not say whether or not someone had taken the money or he had simply misplaced the $20 but either way, the money was gone and he had no way to get anymore.

      During the rest of the shift, Keya expressed to me that she felt very bad for him and was going to do something to help. Then next day, I went to see our patient again to make sure he was OK.  He told me the money had been found and he was so happy. I suspected that Keya had something to do with the found money but I asked her if she had replaced the $20 out of her own pocket.  She said she did but did not want the patient to know.

      I think this is such a good example of the kind of nurse Keya is. She not only cares about the physical well-being of her patients but also the caring aspect including patient emotions. She is always very quiet about specific things she does for her patients as she does not want anyone to know when she goes above and beyond. Keya deserves to be recognized for her extraordinary compassion.