Kevin Shon, Debby Bay & Janet Gregory

Kevin Shon, RN; Betty O'Connor, CNO; Debby Bay, RN; Janet Gregory, RN; Erin Coleman, Nurse Manager

Kevin Shon, Debby Bay & Janet Gregory, RNs

Regional Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
Crouse Hospital
Syracuse, New York
United States
Witnessing the strengths of this unit confirmed our baby was in the best place.

Our daughter G made an unexpected entrance into this world at 32 weeks gestation, weighing 2 pounds, 9 ounces. G was immediately transferred from the labor and delivery floor to Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) where she spent the next five weeks of her life.

Our family would like to share our deepest thanks and appreciation to the NICU staff.  All of the staff involved in our daughter’s care showed such passion and devotion. During the entire time G was in the hospital, she only had one setback: she had to wear oxygen for a few days. We can attribute her progress to the nurses being such wonderful advocates for our baby. Her tiniest milestones were celebrated not only by us but the NICU staff as well. The toughest part of the day for my husband and I was when it was time to leave and say goodbye to our daughter, knowing we couldn’t bring her home yet. Each nurse would encourage us to call with questions or just to check in, telling us we weren’t a bother. I know it sounds simple, but when you can’t have your newborn home with you the little things are the big things. After spending hours each day on the 9th floor, I’m impressed with the teamwork and flexibility of the entire NICU team.  Witnessing the strengths of this unit confirmed our baby was in the best place. Three nurses hold a special place in our hearts, Debbie Bay, Kevin Shon and Janet Gregory.

Debbie Bay took care of G in the earlier part of her NICU stay. Debbie oriented us to the NICU and how things would progress as G became healthier. G was frail, on a heart monitor, had an umbilical vein catheterization, and was under the lights. With all of this going on, Debbie still offered to let me hold my daughter for the first time. She knew just how important it was to have that bond. I will always cherish that moment. Even though she didn’t take care of G in the days following, she would tell us how she continued to check on G when she would come in for her shift.

Kevin Shon often took care of G throughout the five weeks of her stay. We would come in to see G and feel at ease knowing Kevin was taking care of her. Kevin was so gentle with G. He knew exactly how to calm her when she was restless. Initially, I was apprehensive about dressing G, taking forever to put clothes on her. Kevin patiently waited as I dressed G for the first time….and maybe the second and third time also. Kevin would be there to answer our numerous questions, but yet still knew when to give us our space. I know my husband enjoyed talking with Kevin about hunting, it gave him a break from reality. He encouraged us that if we can make it through the stress of having a baby in the NICU, things would only get better.

The last few days G was in the NICU, Janet Gregory was her nurse. Not only was she amazing with G, she also taught my husband and me what to do when we brought G home. She explained how to give her vitamins, the best way to bathe her, and tips on how to successfully feed her. Janet reassured us that we would be able to face the challenges of bringing her home.

Above is only a glimpse of the support Crouse NICU team has given us. Thank you for providing the highest quality care to our daughter and helping her to come home as quickly as possible. Because of all of you….not only is our daughter a NICU survivor, but we are too! We are forever thankful.