Kevin Meredith

Kevin Meredith, BSN, RN

Hurley Medical Center
Flint, Michigan
United States

Kevin is one of the best all-around nurses we have ever worked with. He has a rare combination of excellent clinical skills, patience and effectiveness at educating others, executing charge duties efficiently, and serving on committee’s routinely. He also consistently gives impeccable customer service to patients, visitors, and fellow employees.
Kevin stretches himself to meet the needs of his patients, his unit, and his hospital. He is involved in several committees that though it he can achieve his goal in making a difference. He takes pride in his work place and does everything in his power to improve his surroundings. We have witnessed him many times cleaning and organizing the clean utility room which in return made our work place an easy place to work in, and assisting the policy and procedure committee in implementing and updating those policies to meet today’s demands. Kevin works hard, never complains, and never calls attention to himself, but often misses his breaks to help his patients and families to meet their goals for the day. In our opinion , Kevin is the embodiment of " Clinical Excellence and Service to People"
Last but not the least, Kevin is a great preceptor because he lives what he teaches , and his wealthy expertise makes him an excellent resource person to all of us