Kelly Thompson
December 2018
St. Mary's Medical Center - SCL Health
Grand Junction
United States




Motivates and Organized - I have worked with Kelly Thompson for about 9 years. She is one of the hardest working nurses I know. She now works with Careflight and has taken on a lot of new responsibilities and pushes us all to work harder and be more organized with our daily tasks. She has taken some unorganized processes and streamlined them, so we can work better together.
Nurture - Kelly has taken on some extremely difficult patient transports and has not only given very good medical care to her patients, but she has emotionally connected to the family. This is very difficult to do in the transport environment, trying to organize care and get your patient there safely. If I ever have a difficult day and need coverage, she is always willing to help her co-worker.
Analyze- just recently Kelly took on the role of department safety officer. This more than just the officer for our department at SMH, but also with Air Methods. Air Methods is a giant corporation that hires our pilots and provides us with communications. Being the liaison is a difficult role that Kelly happily assumed. This position requires a lot of work with little thanks. It also identifies situations where we can improve our safety. This is a huge factor in our line of work. Kelly has thought of new ways to make our checklist more fun and involves us as a group.
Restores Workflow - if there is ever a sick call, Kelly is one of the first people to volunteer to come in and cover.
Care for Others - Kelly is one of the only Careflight nurses asked by a family member to be their personal transport nurse to get them home to New York. She provided such good care while transporting them after their initial injury to St. Mary's that they wanted her to go with them on their private jet as emotional support and flew her back home 1st Class.
Heal others with a kind heart- this year we have had several very sad situations with our department staff. One family lost a child, another had a very severe cancer diagnosis and several others with health problems. Kelly set up a cash fund to buy flowers, send cards, etc... to help these individuals. She is the first to set-up communications with the family for meal preparations, or GoFundMe accounts.