Kelly Allor

Kelly Allor

Kelly Allor, RN

DMC - Huron Valley-Sinai Hospital
Commerce Township, Michigan
United States

Nominated by: - Patient

I was transferred from ICU to 2 East after 12 days in ICU. I was very depressed because I was so ill and all my toes were black with gangrene from frostbite. I had not smiled or laughed the entire time until I got to 2 East. Kelly was my nurse the first day and another day. She was so cheerful and upbeat and very attentive to all my needs.

Within minutes of getting to 2 East, she had me smiling and laughing. She brought me out of my depression. I knew I was facing amputations of multiple toes on both feet. And I was scared and depressed. Had it not been for Kelly and her always keeping me smiling and laughing, I would have continued with the depression. But her excellent care and bedside manner helped more than anything. She made me feel a lot less hopeless.

Another comment sent by the Administrative Supervisor, about Kelly Allor regarding another patient:

The ICU nurse caring for the patient by Kelly Allor was AMAZING!!! She never left the patient’s side (even in OR). At 4:00 pm we finally nagged her enough to eat something and sit for a minute for the first time in her 12 hour shift. She was attentive and patient with the family while providing excellent care. She deserves this recognition!