Kellie Mitchell

Kellie Mitchell

Kellie Mitchell, BSN, RN

Outpatient Infusion Center
WellStar Paulding Hospital
Hiram, Georgia
United States
Kellie consistently advocates for her patients with empathy and compassion.

Kellie consistently advocates for her patients with empathy and compassion. One of the many examples I could share is about a patient who came to our department for ordered blood work. The patient’s family asked if we could do an ABG -an oxygen test-while she was there because she needed home oxygen but it couldn’t be ordered without a room air ABG. Her husband had borrowed oxygen tanks from a “friend”. They were afraid of the equipment as it was old and frail.  Kellie explained that we normally do not do ABGs.  If they could get an order from the doctor, she would arrange it by working together with our respiratory department.  Kellie explained that she was very concerned about them using the borrowed equipment.  The daughter was going to call the MD for further guidance.

When they returned for their treatment the following day, they were upset as an order had not yet been placed. The patient and her husband were hopeless and were stating they feared a trip back to the hospital if her equipment malfunctioned. Kellie called the nurse navigator and explained the situation to her and the concerns she had with a possible readmission if we were unable to resolve the situation.

Kellie worked with the team to get a room air saturation.  After the saturation was documented, Kellie recalled the MD office and left a detailed message regarding the information.  Kellie was very determined to help this patient.  She decided to call the patient’s home health nurse who advised Kellie to call the patient’s case manager, which she did.  Kellie supported the patient and family with encouragement while she was getting the patient’s information to the right person.

As the patient was leaving, Kellie assured them she would continue to work toward a resolution for the patient’s safety.  Right as the patient was in the wheelchair to leave, the MD office called back and told Kellie they had arranged for the O2, and they would see them first thing in the morning.  The patient’s and family’s faces lit up with a sigh of relief when she told them.

Two weeks later the daughter brought Kellie a beautiful heart-felt thank you card calling her their angel. They were so grateful that she took time to listen and act upon their concerns in such a caring manner. The patient was feeling much better as they had the proper equipment to take care of her illness.