Kayli Adkins
July 2016
Emergency Department
Froedtert & Medical College of Wisconsin - Froedtert Hospital
United States




I am a 16-year-old who was seen in Froedtert Emergency Department. I had been seen two days prior at another Emergency Department for the same problem of a dislocated wrist, but that visit did not go well for me. I had lost feeling in my fingers and was in excruciating pain.
With the visit to Froedtert Emergency Department, I was seen and taken straight to a room after being examined by the triage RN. Right away, Kayli came in and examined me with the doctor and the Nurse Practitioner.
Kayli was very involved with my care and advocated for me to the other team members involved. In doing so, she helped expedite my care and strived to help me have the least amount of pain as quickly as possible. She tried to address my pain by administering various pain medications with the intention of pain relief. During this process, she made the effort to connect with me personally. She spent time with me. Kayli cared about me and always asked how I was doing. She made sure I understood everything that was going on and explained to me what pain medication was being used as well as helping me understand what the doctor's plans were. Kayli is a genuinely nice person with a great sense of humor. She made me feel that I was going to be okay. She reminded me that she wouldn't leave me. Not only did she care enough to stay and do my conscious sedation, but she made sure to advocate to have the sedation occur before the end of her shift so a new RN wouldn't have to come on to do a sedation.
Kayli had conversations with me, she got to know me and personalized her care by joking around with me. She took the extra step by sitting down and listening to what I had to say as well as relating to me.
Kayli is my hero because she took great care of me when I was in excruciating pain with a dislocated wrist. I want to be just like Kayli when I am older. She has inspired me to work harder in school so I can become a great nurse just like her.
After the care I received from Kayli at Froedtert, I now know what exceptional care a great nurse gives. This is why I am nominating Kayli for the DAISY Award, because I feel she truly deserves this award.