Katie Aldridge

Katie Aldridge

Katie Aldridge, RN

Surgical Unit-Acute Care 6
Indiana University Health: Arnett
Lafayette, Indiana
United States

...I was admitted for a double mastectomy. Katie took excellent care of me shortly before her shift ended. The next morning, I had a "bleed" in my breast. Katie was right on it. Monitored me closely, called other staff in, emptied my drains every 15-20 minutes. Eventually I needed another surgery.

That day, Katie worked extra hard to keep me as comfortable as possible, but most of all-SAFE! She showed no panic and knew just what to do. The entire time she was cheerful and extremely competent. By far, she was my best caregiver during the 4 days at the hospital.

I was VERY proud of Katie and you should be too. She is an excellent nurse and a wonderful, mature young woman. And she is filled with joy and it shows in all she does.

I thank God she was with me for 3 days when I needed an angel.