Katie Aeckerle
March 2018
Obstetrics Unit
Western Missouri Medical Center
United States




We had Katie during our whole hospital stay. We were so excited to get her every time. Not only did she constantly check on us to make sure we were okay, she also went out of her way to help us out. For instance, I was in labor for a little over 9 hours. I started pushing around the 5th hour and she took over her shift an hour into my pushing. I ended up pushing for over 4 hours without medication and I had my baby naturally. During the pushing, Katie held my left leg up for me that whole time. She rubbed it for me, stretched it and she constantly made sure I was breathing and encouraged me. There were times I was so tired and wanted to give up, but she wouldn't let me. I had a great support system and partner with my husband helping on the other side, but I did not expect to have an additional support person, but she was amazing.
Not only did Katie take care of us during labor, she also took care of us as an outpatient the week prior. She was amazing then and we were so excited that she was our nurse for our baby girl's birth and hospital stay. Again, during our stay, she constantly made sure we were taken care of, helped teach me to breastfeed and she also made sure my husband was taken care of as well. Katie also showed us how to bathe our little one. While doing so she went out of her way to make sure our little girl's head was cleaned properly and make sure she didn't reopen a wound on her head (our little girl received a cut on her head during birth). I truly believe she took care of our baby girl as if she was her own. That is how much love and care she gave us and our new baby. Today was our last day with Katie and I was sad for her shift to be over. If I ever have another baby I pray that Katie is our nurse or we have someone as amazing as her. She is the best nurse I've ever had. Thank you, Katie, for everything you did for our family.