Kathryne Figuracion-Cheng
October 2020
Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center




Kathryne is kind, caring, and compassionate, and it is noticeable around the unit.
Kathryne is pleasant to be around and consistently positive in her demeanor. Her calmness in her communication and application of logical wisdom to her thoughts and decisions is very effective in our unit. She is open and honest when communicating with others. She gives positive feedback whenever possible, and approaches delicate situations with poise. She is kind, caring, and compassionate, and it is noticeable around the unit. With her advanced nursing management skills and her amazing character, there are many nurses who look up to her and she is their role model. She is constantly developing new ways to help in staff satisfaction and find ways to help improve patient outcomes. Her office is always open and when you talk to her she has a welcoming feeling. She is approachable, a great listener, and never judges you or others for wrongful doings. Instead, she stays positive and helps the staff member understand the error or issue without making one feel bad.
She talks to the staff with compassion and understanding. She is easy to talk to and always has a great answer for any problem that may occur. Her presence alone allows others to have confidence in their performance and assure them she will guide them needed. Her advanced clinical practice in our specialized unit is valuable to our patient population, their families, and our nursing team. Her exceptional experience in leadership is obvious and she receives respect from everyone she encounters. The love she has for our patients' safety and outcomes, improving education for staff, and overall improvement of outcomes for all is what gives her pride. She constantly reminds nurses in her unit to take courses or try new courses that might be of interest. The increased amount of CCRN certified nurses in our unit is due to her encouraging and promoting certification.