August 2018
Orthopedics Unit
Renown Regional Medical Center
United States




Kathy is a personification of modern Florence Nightingale. She has unselfishly served our community by providing direct patient care with Renown Regional Medical Center for the last 26 years. She was nominated by our fellow staff members as the "Orthopedics RN of the Year for 2018" and has been nominated for "Lifetime Achievement Award" for the Northern Nevada Nurses of Achievement last May 2018 by our peers. She has been a great resource and a role model for everyone. She is the current Chairperson of the Orthopedics Floor's Unit Shared Governance. The unit-based committee which she leads has taken a lot of positive changes and has boosted the morale of our team. She is a very supportive Charge RN as well. She helps out and checks on everybody whenever she is in charge. Over time, she has also built a good working relationship with our doctors and other members of the healthcare team. Care providers value her nursing judgments and opinions. She is truly a gem on our unit and highly respected by everyone. I have countless stories of how compassionate Kathy is. Our patients and their families love her for so many unique reasons. She explains the plan of care to the patient and their families on a level which is easy for them to understand. She advocates for our patients who are not able to care for themselves. She will stay and dedicate her time to be with a patient in need. Safety of her patients is always her priority. Kathy is kind-hearted and an RN filled with benevolence. Last year, she went on a mission trip as a volunteer nurse to Africa to help the kids in that community. She brought all our thoughtful donations to the ones in need. She was definitely a blessing to those children. We also had a trauma patient who lost everything from an accident and is about to go back home by commercial plane but had nothing to place his belongings in. Kathy did not hesitate to come back to the hospital at 9 pm (after her 12-hour shift) with her extra luggage bag from home to give to the patient, not asking for anything in return. The patient was very thankful and was teary-eyed when he was telling me how grateful he was for Kathy. Kathy continues to inspire a new breed of nurses and contributes to the overall patient care experience. She always goes above and beyond! She is caring, compassionate, reliable and trustworthy! Her dedication to the nursing profession is incomparable. We are so lucky to have Kathy on our team.