Kathleen Finn

Kathleen Finn

Kathleen Finn, MHA, RN, CCRN

UPMC Shadyside
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
United States

Nomination #1 from an MD (Resident):

I am one of the residents in the Shadyside Internal Medicine program. I have rotated through the 3W ICU several times this year, and wanted to give you some positive feedback on the nursing staff there.

As you know, caring for patients in the ICU necessitates a multidisciplinary approach. In particular, nurses and physicians must be able to work together in a way to maximizes quality care and patient safety. In my time in the 3W ICU, I was greatly appreciative for the incredible nursing care of my patients. The Nurses made my job easier, in that they were hard working, knowledgeable, efficient, and pleasant to work with. They routinely went above and beyond what would be expected of them, anticipating patient and physician needs, and going out of their way to be helpful. Their attention to patients and expertise in patient care, I truly believe, have an ongoing positive impact on the outcomes of our patients. We could not do what we do, as physicians, without them.

I also want to note my experience with a specific Nurse, Kathleen Finn, who is particularly outstanding. She is knowledgeable about all the ICU patients and available at all times. She has incredible work ethic, often performing a wide spectrum of duties in order to keep patient care running smoothly. Furthermore, she maintains a most positive and uplifting attitude even during times when others are experiencing difficulty with physical exhaustion and compassion fatigue. Between her helpfulness, expertise, and genuine compassion for both her patients and her colleagues, she makes the ICU a more positive environment for everyone. She deserves particular recognition, as do you, for making the 3W ICU one of Shadyside's most well-functioning, efficient, high-quality care units for patients to receive care.

I look forward to future rotations in the unit!

Nomination #2 from the Unit Director:

Kathleen Finn is an exceptional nurse who is not only empathetic to the patient's and their families but to the MICU staff as well. As a clinician in the MICU she deals with some of the most difficult situations with the utmost professionalism and care. She is a role model and mentor to all she encounters. This is evident even with the residents who rotate through the MICU as evidenced by the attached letter. Although there are many "stories" we call tell to demonstrate Kathleen's commitment, I would rather focus on her everyday duties as I believe that would be the best way to verbalize the energy she emits to the MICU. As a frequent charge nurse, she manages a hectic unit keeping everyone calm and ensuring all get to lunch or take a much needed break. She is an advocate for the patients, ensuring they get the quality care they need and keeps the families informed of daily changes. Even during office days, she will frequently check on the staff and patients to ensure all is well. I personally could not maintain and run the MICU without her expertise and compassion.