Katherine Harms

Katherine Harms

Katherine Harms, BSN, RN, CCRN

Children's Hospital Colorado
Aurora, Colorado
United States
Lindsey even stopped in with a colleague on a day off just to check on him.

Nurse Lindsey took care of my 11-year-old son several times in the PICU, and each time she treated him as if he were a beloved family member. She was very gentle and reassuring with him as she had to do unpleasant procedures, she encouraged him to help himself when possible, she celebrated his little successes with him, and really advocated for his comfort and care in a way that was extraordinary to me.

On top of that, she was extremely sensitive to my needs and concerns as a mom who was staying in the room with him. She took extra time to talk me through procedures, diagnoses, complications, expectations, and my incessant questions. When she didn't know an answer, she was resourceful about finding answers and support for me. She was respectful and kind to my son and advocated for the most appropriate care for him, which made me feel at ease during a time of uncertainty and crisis. She even stopped in with a colleague on a day off just to check on him.

Nurse Lindsey exhibits a great deal of professionalism, compassion, proactive communication and teamwork, and all the ideals and values I see on the CHCO website about nurses. She goes above and beyond during her shifts and embodies the spirit of the ideal nurse's care, compassion, dedication to patient and family care and advocacy. I am grateful to her and her colleagues for taking such great care of my son in his time of need!