Kate McCarthy

Kate McCarthy

Kate McCarthy, RN

Carney Hospital
Dorchester, Massachusetts
United States
Kate made me feel 100% better and turned my day around.

I was admitted for cracked ribs after I had fallen at home. Early that day I had skin cancer removed from my chest. I was diagnosed with pneumonia and I went up to the third floor where Kate McCarthy the nurse was working. I was really feeling down and out with all of these medical problems. My mother was just released from Mass General with pulmonary problems. So I was really nervous about how she was doing and Kate made me feel right at ease immediately. She was caring and very intelligent about my illness. She was waiting for me when I was admitted to the 3rd floor for a bed. To have your loved one and yourself to worry about was hard, but she made me feel at ease. What a special nurse. I  recommended Kate for this award because she has been kind, caring, and deserving of this award.


I had a bad night and the moment Kate walked into the room I felt safe, comfortable and I could tell her anything. I worked previously in the hospital as a phlebotomist and I understand how nurses have to put a wall so they don’t get emotionally attached. Kate was kind and nice, a wonderful nurse. In a room full of doctors she could hold her own which blew my mind. Kate made me feel 100% better and turned my day around. I believe in giving credit where credit is due, she made a real difference.