Karin Sundblom

Karin Sundblom

Karin Sundblom, MSN, RN

Chief Nursing Officer
Saint Luke's Cushing Hospital
Leavenworth, Kansas
United States

Karin Sundblom is extraordinary, and she is truly a leader amongst leaders. All the staff in the hospital respect Karin. When she is needed she helps in the ER, MedSurg, or ICU.  If any of the nurses are feeling overwhelmed, they will find Karin by their side whenever possible. She just recently came to work in the middle of the night so the hospital could continue to accept admissions.

Karin is an advocate of nurses furthering their education. One of her staff nurses is in a Masters program, one in an APRN program, and one just finished her BSN. Karin holds her staff to a high ethical standard and has an open and honest relationship with them. Through bi-monthly staff meetings with her nursing supervisors, Karin is able to share ideas and motivate staff that she does not get to see regularly. Karin is always just a phone call away and completely supports the staff.

Karin is well known as a nurse leader in the community. She has an excellent working relationship with the leaders from the local EMS service as well as the Associate Chief Nurse at the VA. Karin holds herself to a high standard and expects those that work with her and work for her to do the same.