Karin Christensen

Karin Christensen

Karin Christensen, RN, ASN

Indiana University Health: North Hospital
Carmel, Indiana
United States

Here is an example of this Daisy Award Winner’s commitment to patient-centered care:

Karin agreed to work extra hours on Friday 11-12-10. She worked 7a-1p and left for an interview for the BSN program. As she
exited the building a man in a truck rolled down his window, pointed and said a man had be lying in the grass. Karin ran to the man and immediately recognized that he was in need of assistance. Karin started CPR, ran into the ED to activate a code and returned to the man to continue. Karin didn't think twice and stayed with the patient until the ER had taken over care. Karin Displayed excellent skills, the maxims & basic human kindness in rendering care to a stranger. Once the pt was transferred to care of the ED staff, Karin went to her scheduled interview for the BSN program.

The entire unit is keeping their fingers crossed that Karin gets in the BSN program! Nominated by Pam Burch

Remarkable! I am pleased to have her as a member of my endo staff. Nominated by Sonja Eaton, Associate (Manager)

We are very proud of what she did and would like to recognize her. Nominated by The Executive Team