Karen Young

Karen Young

Karen Young, BSN, RN

Labor and Delivery Unit
Lancaster General Health
Lancaster, Pennsylvania
United States
Despite laboring for hours with no progress, within 37 minutes of Karen's arrival, a healthy baby boy entered this world.

Please understand, words on paper are one-dimensional, but many healthcare experiences are three-dimensional. While every encounter in healthcare is impacted by many factors, it is often the nurse's experience, knowledge, critical thinking, and compassion that have the greatest impact on shaping an "OK" experience into an "incredible" experience.

On Tuesday, that is exactly what Karen Young did: She worked an extra 4-hour shift while facilitating an incredible delivery experience for the birth of my grandson. Thanks to Karen, my grandson's birth is one of the most memorable experiences of my life!

I had the opportunity to attend and support my daughter during childbirth. She delivered my grandson at Women's and Babies Hospital on Tuesday. This was my daughter's first child and her labor was not what she had anticipated. As some labor and delivery nurses say, "She is running out of gas!" Too exhausted to continue pushing.

I watched as my daughter labored throughout the night. By 7 AM, it appeared that she would need to have a C-Section. But then Karen Young walked into the room. With Karen's arrival, the entire atmosphere changed! Karen brought contagious and positive energy into the midst of hopelessness and exhaustion.

Suddenly, everyone in the room was swept up into Karen's contagious positivity and "you can do this" attitude. I watched in amazement as Karen's words and actions instilled my daughter with confidence and determination to continue to try and deliver my grandson without having a C-Section. Karen's impact on my daughter's self-confidence, emotional, and physical health was evident to me!

As a nurse practicing in Perioperative Services, I've had numerous professional encounters with Karen Young. Karen brings an authentic "human touch" to every encounter, whether it be with patients, family members, or other healthcare providers. In addition, Karen possesses excellent nursing and critical thinking skills. While I've interacted with Karen on a professional basis, this was the first time that I encountered Karen in my personal life. This time, I wasn't Karen's peer, I was the mother of a young woman about to give birth to my grandson! I was awe-struck by Karen's compassion for both my daughter and I. Karen created a positive, memorable, and life-changing experience for me and my daughter.

Karen's actions and words were intentional- a result of her broad knowledge base, excellent clinical skills, and professional experience. Despite laboring for hours with no progress, within 37 minutes of Karen's arrival, a healthy baby boy entered this world. No C-Section required.

From all perspectives, the birth of this child was absolutely incredible. Karen walked in, "read" the room and went into action. While her actions may have appeared effortless, I have no doubt that Karen's words and actions were intentional acts of nursing excellence. I now know that Karen worked that extra 4-hour shift for a reason. This exceptional nurse touched my life in a profound way- not only from a patient perspective but also from a professional perspective. Karen serves as a role model for all nurses-experienced (like me) as well as those just starting their nursing careers.

Note: This is Karen's 2nd DAISY Award!