Karen Kean

Karen Kean

Karen Kean, RN

Recovery Care Center
UnityPoint Health -Trinity
Rock Island, Illinois
United States

Karen Kean represents everything that Trinity promotes and stands for. She is a modern day Florence Nightingale. She spends her entire day trying to ensure that everyone is taken care of, putting all other needs before her own. This includes providing care and comfort not only to patients but to staff, as well. She consistently demonstrates the ACES standards.

She attempts any request asked of her with a smile on her face and a can-do attitude. I have never heard her complain about anything or anyone but insteads mentors and leads by example. She is a role model to everyone who meets her.

She consistently goes above and beyond in all of her duties and is well respected by, peers, physicians, and patients. She looks for new learning opportunities whenever available and consistently tries to create process improvements to create the best atmosphere for patients and staff. When things are hectic, she remains calm and in control of the situation instilling confidence in those around her.

She makes everyone around her a priority and is the epitome of what a nurse should be. I have NEVER met a nurse, or a person, who has so many phenomenal qualities and yet is so humble and gracious. This nurse is exactly what type of nurse the DAISY award was created to honor. I am so proud to work with her everyday. She is the person I hope to be.