Karen Johnson
May 2019
Case Management
Bayfront Health Spring Hill
Spring Hill
United States




Karen has been a Spring Hill Employee for almost 17 years. She started by working on the floors upon arriving at the facility. After several years, Karen Joined the Case Management Team.
Karen's Clinical skills have never wavered in the time she has spent in Case Management. As a matter of fact, she has grown in her critical thinking skills since she now sees the "Big Picture." She uses her knowledge to mentor new nurses, makes suggestions for improvements in care and communicates effectively across all departments.
Karen is able to associate how good nursing care has an effect on the quality of care a patient receives. She never looks at any case as "Another Job." One time, she recognized that a patient didn't receive a follow-up rabies injection. She assured that the patient received the med timely. She helped make sure the patient didn't have to repeat the series. When a patient was transferred to Brooksville and did not understand his discharge instructions, he contacted Karen. Karen got him his answers, as well as for instructions on his diet from the dietician. She even got him an appointment with our Medical Group.
My first encounter with Karen, 5 years ago, was when there were no RN Case Managers at Brooksville. She came to Brooksville every day to train other nurses. She did so in a minimal amount of time and stayed until the job was done. Karen still does that today. She stays as long as she's needed to get the job done. Karen never misses a beat.
Her compassion for the patient is not only shown while the patient is in the hospital. Karen's dedication to assuring that the patient gets the best care extends to her discharge planning. Her ability to think "outside the box," leads to the best care across the continuum. She always has a plan A, B, and C when she can. When Karen is off, everyone feels it. I'm sure everyone around her and her team doesn't feel that we are missing an arm or a leg, but instead, we are missing our heart.
Karen exhibits everything you need to be an excellent Case Manager. However, in order to be that you have to be a great nurse who is always a champion for the patient.
Karen is all that and more!