Karen Butler
June 2018
Neuroscience Institute
Le Bonheur Children's Hospital
United States




My family and I are from Columbia SC. Last week, my daughter started having more frequent and intense seizures than she used to have. The Neurologist on call and the neurosurgeon in Columbia found a tumor in my daughter's brain. With this knowledge, the doctor called Karen and they both worked diligently to get my daughter to Le Bonheur for treatment and surgery. She worked late hours and pulled so many strings to make sure we got here in a short period of time. Within a week of first finding the tumor, my daughter has already undergone a successful surgery and is almost back to being her old self. Karen has been checking up on us daily, has been a shoulder for us to cry on and a great source of information about the Memphis area. She went above and beyond for our family and we will be forever grateful for Karen and everyone here at Le Bonheur.