Kaitlin Kapple
May 2017
UnityPoint Health - Des Moines
Des Moines
United States




Kaitlin was caring for an infant with a difficult family situation. They had recently transferred to Des Moines and were living in a motel room with four children when the youngest became sick and needed to be hospitalized. The father was coming back to the hospital when his car had a flat tire near the Elkhart exit and he hitchhiked back to the hospital as he had no jack in the car to change the tire. Kaitlin found out the family didn't have money to patch the tire and the spare needed repair. She called upon her resources to assist this family. She contacted the Highway Helper to get the father a ride back to his vehicle and assist with a tire change. She then worked with the AOD to obtain cash to patch the tire. After work, Kaitlin took the money to the father and met the family to get the tire fixed. Upon finding neither the spare nor the flat could be fixed, Kaitlin purchased a new tire with her own money. The next day, even though she was not working, Kaitlin called back into the hospital to make sure the family had been hooked into community resources to obtain clothing and food. Kaitlin went above and beyond to assist this family. She took time away from her family to care for a stranger and went to great lengths to make sure they had basic necessities, including food, clothing, and transportation. Her caring and compassion set her apart from the rest.