Justin Aguilar
July 2016
Critical Care Unit
Midland Memorial Hospital
United States




Justin was nominated by a 94-year-old patient's daughter for being thorough, attentive, and caring while stepping-up to fill-in the gaps in communication that had occurred between the patient and her doctor. Though they liked the doctor, the daughter said, she never came back to check-in with them and they were very confused as to what was going on and couldn't get any answers. Justin, however, took the time to explain in depth what all the tests were for and clearly explain their results. "I'm sure he was only giving us information he was authorized to discuss, meaning he probably tried to supersede the doctor's authority in an effort to benefit my mother and give us as much information as possible," the daughter said.
Additionally, with Justin on nights, the daughter felt very secure in leaving her mother to go home and sleep. Justin checked on her often throughout the night to see if she needed anything and he understood that while the mother is 94 years old, legally blind, and hard-of-hearing, she is still mentally competent and he treated her as such. "She remarked that it was like having her grandson, who is an EMT, take care of her," the daughter said.
Justin's director says that he is an excellent team member and team player. The team sees him as valuable and he is always available to help others. Justin is very responsive to his patients and always eager to learn new things.
Because of Justin's compassionate and caring efforts, his patients experience a level of care that exemplifies the impact nurses have in creating an environment where patients and families feel at home.