Julie Creaser
May 2022
Ahmanson-UCLA Cardiomyopathy Center
UCLA Health
Los Angeles
United States




Perhaps most noteworthy is Julie's constant appraisal and modification of these protocols with patient-centric outcomes.
Julie is a double Bruin graduate from the UCLA School of Nursing with over 40 years of nursing experience, including 35 years in advanced practice as a cardiac clinical nurse specialist. She has demonstrated expertise as a clinician, educator, and researcher in cardiac care. She promotes excellence in direct patient care across hospital-based critical care areas as well as ambulatory clinic-based settings.

As a nurse leader, she was instrumental in the establishment, development, and design of the UCLA Heart Failure (HF) Specialty Clinic and Cardiomyopathy Center.

As a clinician, educator, and researcher, she has contributed to several professional book chapters and publications, nine as a first author and nineteen as a coauthor in esteemed, peer-reviewed journals. She has been an invited speaker nationally and locally at some of the country’s most prestigious medical organizations. The breadth and depth of her clinical experience and acumen have made her a ‘North Star’ to so many in the advancement of nursing. She mentors, inspires, and creates opportunities for multidisciplinary team members to view the vital role of nursing practice in health promotion.

Patients and family members often share their deep appreciation for the exemplary care, education, support, and accessibility she provides. Above all, she has a kind and generous heart that is reflected in all she does.


Her CV speaks for itself; I can attest to her distinguished, long, and dedicated career, most notable is the respective ICU staff looking forward to her daily rounds for guidance, reassurance, and patient-focused care. Her career spans the critical realm into the administrative and educational areas most productively. Her well-established role in the development of the world-class UCLA cardiomyopathy center attests to the successful ‘marriage’ of clinical needs and formulating the requisite administrative requirements of these nationally-recognized cardiac programs. Her dedicated career goals of building, sustaining, and continuing to improve the cardiac-care programs have resulted in enhanced patient survival, improved quality of life, well-regarded insurance carrier recognition as a center of excellence, and internal nursing and medical center quality measurements.

She is a leader among nursing in the development of safety and compliance protocols for patients. Measures, including patient education tools she has pioneered in this field, are a fixture of the respective programs. Perhaps most noteworthy is her constant appraisal and modification of these protocols with patient-centric outcomes. Self-inspection and review are part of her daily routine…. She has become a role model for the development of patient safety and compliance measures, which also translates to the adjacent cardiac-care nursing staff and even physicians-in-training. In essence, she has helped and continues to help, formulate the careers of nursing grads, nurses, CNS, and residents and fellows.

Clearly, these are the positive results of strong nursing practices, and dedication, and manifest as the advancement of the profession of nursing.