Juanita Bethune
May 2020
Night Nursing Supervisor
FirstHealth Moore Regional Hospital
United States




Juanita is a nursing supervisor for the entire hospital, yet she has come to our rescue in women's/children's many times. She never complains about it and is always willing to lend a hand even when I know she is needed elsewhere in the hospital.
One Halloween night about a year and a half ago, our team leader got injured while caring for a patient. The remaining nurses had less than a year of experience combined, and the TL was hesitant to leave. Juanita came to the floor and watched over all of us green nurses so the TL could get looked at. She remained with us until the other staff members arrived to help.
On a different night that is forever etched in my memory, Juanita came to a code in Pediatrics. I assume she goes to many codes throughout the hospital so maybe that seems unremarkable to some. I was in a unique position that night as I was able to watch the parents and the code. The code lasted for nearly 3 hours and the outcome was not good. Juanita never left. She was there for the family and the staff. Everyone provided exceptional care that night. From the nurses to the doctors and everyone in between. I was impressed with them all.
Last night Juanita once again came to our rescue at a time when the entire hospital is on edge with the COVID pandemic. There were 5 nurses, 1 stork, and 1 TL last night. That seems like a lot, but it proved to not be quite enough as we had 5 deliveries in less than an hour all while our stork was in the PACU. That simply isn't enough nurses to attend deliveries, stork babies, and watch the other laboring mothers. It was pure insanity that ended with 5 happy, healthy families. We could not have done that without Juanita's assistance making sure all our other patients were safe. Thank you again, Juanita.