Joseph Gissing

Joseph Gissing

Joseph Gissing, BSN, RN

Cardiac Intensive Care Unit
UW Health University Hospital
Madison, Wisconsin
United States
Joseph was the consummate professional, yet his empathy was evident.

Our dear friend, K, was brought into the Cardiac ICU. He had suffered a massive heart attack and was not expected to live. K’s sister, R, and only family member to speak of was in Africa for work when this event occurred. My husband and I were very close friends of K, and truly all he had in the way of "family" locally. R had asked my husband and I if we could be with K until she could arrive. We were honored to do so. R was unable to make it before her brother, K, passed away but my husband, and I were with him constantly until he died, always at least one of us, most times both, present.

All of K's nurses were outstanding but I would feel remiss if I did not particularly identify Nurse Joseph Gissing as standing above all others. Joseph was like an angel sent from heaven to watch over our dearest friend. He was more than a nurse performing his duties; he would take the time to explain the jargon used when doctors were discussing K's current status, changes in his status, and procedures they were attempting to help our friend. We did not ever have to ask him to explain things to us, he simply saw our confused expressions and very sensitively explained things to us in layman's terms.

Joseph took the time to get to know K through us and played music K liked while we were waiting for his sister to arrive. He made such a terrible time for us bearable. He was the consummate professional, yet his empathy was evident, and we could not be more grateful for such a kind, caring soul to be amongst those ushering K onto his next plane of existence. K was a selfless individual in life. He would have been so touched to know Joseph, a stranger he had never met, could repay his multitude of kindnesses in the hours leading up to his passing away.

Joseph is an undeniable asset to your organization. Joseph is a rare gem of a nurse and I know he positively affects not only patients but their families and loved ones each day. He did this for us. Myself, my husband, and K's sister R will never be able to express our endless gratitude for his, caring, competence, and dedication to his profession. Thank you, Nurse Gissing, and may you continue to shine like a beacon and be the paladin of your calling.