Jonna Garcia

Jonna Garcia

Jonna Garcia, ASN, RN

Pediatric Department
Penn Highlands DuBois
DuBois, Pennsylvania
United States
Jonna stayed at least 1.5 hours after her shift to help the doctor with a procedure one evening.

I wanted to send my utmost appreciation for the care my son received while in Penn Highlands Dubois Hospital. While the nursing staff was great all around, I wanted to take a few extra minutes and share the exceptional care received by Jonna Garcia.

My son is 2.5 years old. He didn't understand why nurses would come in, poke at him and then leave which resulted in fear any time a nurse would walk into our room. Jonna went the extra distance to build trust and she was incredibly patient. She took the time to explain procedures on a level a 2.5-year-old could understand. Jonna would get down on his level, ask him questions about the things he liked, and she always asked permission from my son before flushing or adding the antibiotic to his IV, checking his temperature, taking his blood pressure, or using her stethoscope on his back and chest. She took her time to build trust and that resulted in much less fear.

If he was playing, Jonna made an effort to show interest in what he was doing to build the much-needed rapport. She didn't mind taking the extra time so that he was comfortable with her. If my son was sleeping, she took extra caution in trying to not wake him while checking his vitals. She praised him for milestones and showed that she cared on many levels. Jonna was attentive all around in a genuine manner that made us feel comfortable during our time there. I understand she is a fairly new nurse at Penn Highlands DuBois, but her confidence and compassion within her job never once made us feel she was in any way inexperienced or new in that position. She remained professional, but she was personable. She never showed or expressed any kind of stress, anger or inconvenience.

Jonna stayed at least 1.5 hours after her shift to help the doctor with a procedure one evening. She never broke from her professional character or showed signs of distress while providing the extra care that evening despite losing that time with her family to help ours. I am beyond grateful for the exceptional care provided by Jonna. I told her "thank you for everything" when we were discharged, but realistically, there was so much more that I should have said to her because a simple thank you feels barely sufficient for all of her sacrifice while providing the exceptional care that was above and beyond my expectations while we were there.