Jonathan De Leon

Jonathan De Leon, RN

Step Down
Kaiser Permanente Riverside Medical Center
Riverside, California
United States

I had an Appendicitis, it was my first surgery ever, I’m 42. The next day my bladder shut down. I was very scared more scared than I’ve ever been. On Friday night I was crying and Jonathan my R.N. came in to introduce himself. He wanted to know what was wrong and I explained all that was going on with me; and I told him about my friend dying from Leukemia that same morning. We talked for a while. He explained he had Gall Bladder surgery six months earlier and his bladder shut down too, just like mine had done. He made me feel really secure and safe, when I was feeling so down and out of touch. I had Jonathan for three nights in a row.
He is so calm and concerned about his patients. His bedside manners are awesome. He helped me with all my problems and made my stay wonderful. I looked forward to him coming in to work the next two nights. He is very calm, quiet, and pleasant. Always focused on patient care, he knows how to treat people with dignity and respect. He made me feel like he was a Guardian Angel when I wasn’t feeling well and scared to death. He helped me with my problems and concerns.
I thank the Lord for blessing me with such a great R.N. I am thankful that he was brought into my life to care for me when I couldn’t do it myself. Jonathan should be recognized for having such a huge heart and awesome bedside manners.