John Devose

John Devose, RN

IV Therapy
CHI Franciscan Health - St. Joseph Medical Center
Tacoma, Washington
United States

We are nominating John Devose for the DAISY Award for many reasons. He is an excellent role model and displays the following criteria daily:

Reverence: John is very kind to his patients, addresses them respectfully, and always advocates for his patients regarding their IV access needs.

Integrity: John works hard to cover staffing shortages. He will even come in on his days off to cover. Even on night shift.

Compassion: John displays daily in his approach to his patients. For the staff (we IV nurses) he goes out of his way to try and adjust schedules if nurses have family needs. He even tries to help us find coverage.

Teamwork: If you ask John for help with procedures or IV starts, if you're busy, his answer is always YES! He is extremely approachable and is excellent with problem resolution.

Excellence & Quality: John works hard to keep his skills current and to keep up with the new therapies. He is currently spearheading an effort for the IV nurses to learn to place an increased variety of central lines. As a charge nurse, he encourages all of us to become certified. John is an excellent resource with his skills. He is always willing to share his knowledge freely.