Jodi Condyles

Jodi Condyles, RN

Medically Intensive Homecare
PSA Healthcare
Marysville, Washington
United States
This Is Jodi. This is a woman with a heart that never tires of caring for others.

This world is complicated and unfair. It's unfair that children become sick and injured. It's unfair that the insurance companies fail to provide the appropriate benefits for these children so they can recover and thrive. It's unfair that the reimbursement rates from insurance companies impact the ability to find nurses to care for these children. But when you're Jodi Condyles, you spend your life trying to make lemonade out of all these lemons. You support these special children and adults to be the very best they can be. You work diligently to find that extra nurse, to fill that extra shift or sometimes, just go help them yourself. You shake every bush to try and find the staff to get that special baby out of the hospital. You put the patient above everyone else's needs and at the end of the long day, you go home, get some sleep, and you come back the next day to tackle it all again-tirelessly. This Is Jodi. This is a woman with a heart that never tires of caring for others.

Jodi has been caring for these patients for mare than two decades. She is the epitome of what a nurse should be, kind, caring, compassionate and dedicated. Throughout the lumps and bumps life brings over the years, Jodi has never lost her true north. She rises above every challenge and comes out on top, shining and more determined than ever to do the best job humanly possible to care for our most vulnerable human beings. These patients deserve the best nursing care we have to give them. Jodi makes sure this happens and she never waivers.

If you looked up dedication in the dictionary, it should have a picture of Jodi next to it.  If there was a T-shirt for love and compassion, it would have Jodi's face on it. If there was a billboard for empathy, kindness, and devotion, Jodi's face would be smiling down at us, day and night. If there was a rocket going to the moon, a flag representing advocacy would be placed there in Jodi's honor.

Jodi receives the DAISY Award as she is the epitome of quality nursing care to our patients and families. She is a shining star that never loses the light. She is our hero! She is not lucky to have us, we are lucky to have her. Thank you, Jodi, for all your heroics performed over many years. This DAISY Award is for you.