Jimmy Le
April 2017
Medical/Surgical 5T
UC Irvine Medical Center
United States




I wish I could attach a video here with him working with patients and other staff and you can see how great, warm, compassionate Jimmy is. Never in my shift, I see Jimmy without a smile at the beginning and at the end of his shift. He always starts and ends with a positive attitude. Whenever he sees someone having a challenging shift, he is always ready to help. For example last week I was helping my crew because we were short handed. Jimmy volunteered to check the supplies, transfer patients, answering call lights, I even saw him helping patients to the bathroom that is not assigned to him, and he helped to order food for another patient that just arrived in our unit that is also not assigned to him.
I constantly hear Jimmy at the beginning of the shift greeting his patient, discussing plan for the night, asking patient what is important to him/her and ending with this statement "this is my number you can call me at anytime you needed me but I will come at least every 1-2 hrs to check on you".
During my rounds, I encountered so many patients verbalizing how great is Jimmy. They mentioned that he is very attentive to their needs, proactive, he knows his stuff, very friendly and they made them feel comfortable and at ease staying in the hospital. I wish you could follow a shift with Jimmy and you will know how amazing this nurse is!