Jessica Ellis

Jessica Ellis

Jessica Ellis, RN

Hanover Hospital
Hanover, Pennsylvania
United States

...Jessica was assigned to care for a patient who was a retired nurse. The patient was somewhat confused and had been unable to properly care for herself. She had long hair with a baseball size mat of hair on the back of her head. Jess spent one hour on Sunday trying to comb out the matted hair and washed the patient's hair twice without any success. Jess called her sister-in-law who is a hair dresser. Obtaining the patient's and her daughter's permission to cut her hair, Jess asked her sister-in-law if she would be willing to come in and do this for the patient. On Monday morning, the hair cut was done. The patient's natural curls made her hair bounce back into a beautiful hair style. Jess was very excited to see that the patient was so happy. The haircut and style was done out of kindness. The patient bragged about her "beautiful" hair with everyone who came in contact with her. Jess's kindness and caring intervention with all of her patients truly makes her an angel of mercy.

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