Jesse Amason
July 2016
Nursing Pool
Jefferson Regional Medical Center
Pine Bluff
United States




In the 25 days we spent in 3NW, Jesse took great care of my 82-year-old mother through many shifts. He empowered the family during some critical points during her care. He listened to changes we saw in her and was a bridge of communication between the family and doctors. He could recognize rising issues and contact the right doctor, alerting them to the change. This resulted several times in a change of treatment that was lifesaving! Above all, he knows his job! He truly is the doctor's eyes and ears. Jesse leads by example. No job is too small. He helps the PCTs, takes care of the family, and is known and well liked on the floor. He buzzes around the unit and works well with everyone, and he always has a smile on his face. As a family member, you appreciate when someone takes a personal interest in the welfare of the patient, instead of just the clinical approach. Jesse made our mother smile, he reassured her at times during confusion and when she felt like giving up, he made her want to fight. He rejoiced with us all in her triumphs, no matter how small.