Jeffrey Campeau

Jeffrey Campeau

Jeffrey Campeau, RN

DMC - Sinai Grace Hospital
Detroit, Michigan
United States

I have worked with Jeffrey Campeau, RN, in the NICU since he came to the unit around 18 years ago. It was my privilege to orient him to the unit both in step-down and high-risk NICU nursing. During the time I worked with him, I was impressed with his compassion, professionalism and concern for the babies and families that he was assigned. I have seen him grow not only in skills but in the depth of his care and knowledge. I feel, from working with him on a daily basis, he has made me a better nurse.

Jeff has always cared for the babies. While giving or receiving report, he would excuse himself to comfort a crying baby. He is always aware of the needs of the babies, families and co-workers around him. He never even takes a break without making sure everyone is OK in his absence, not needing his assistance and that others have had a break before he does.

Jeff is not always serious, but adds humor, within reason, to help others cope during the day. On occasion, he is known to wear a makeshift diaper and give suppositories to coworkers as a Christmas present during the holidays. He is a prankster in his own right but always aware of the impact it may take and sensitive to those he 'pranks". He has also been known to wear quarters on the bottoms of his shoes and tap dance on the unit, bringing smiles to all who can hear his tapping.

He is a favorite among the parents as well. He is known for his soft voice and calming effect on those he meets. He was calming babies in the NICU by saying 'sush' even before we knew that it was one of the recommended ways to calm a crying baby. He greets all he meets with a smile and hello. He makes an effort to learn the baby's name and recognize parents who enter the unit.

He has become very skilled to care for the preemies over the years. His search for knowledge has led him to become a member of the EPT (expert practice team) on the unit. This group of nurses has learned special skills: Jeff has learned to intubate babies in the absence of the doctors.

Jeff's skill, caring and critical thinking ability have been recognized by the Nurse Educator on the unit as he is frequently called upon to teach new orientees. He has created learning opportunities by simulating experiences that the orientee needs to learn, in the absence of the actual experience. Having filled in for him on his days off, I have found his anecdotal notes to be through and always with an encouraging note to those he precepts.

Jeff is definitely a 'team player'. Always willing to lend a helping hand. He has the ability to see what needs to be done not only in his own assignment, but in others and offers help appropriately. He often stays after his 12 hour shift to help the next shift, if staffing is needed. He even came in on his day off to help out with the Preemie reunion, passing out giveaways and greeting the families.

He is an excellent role-model for his peers. Our Manager recognized this and named him the unit's SEA. He takes this role very seriously, attending the meetings, helping organize the unit's collections and obtaining the Press Ganey scores for the unit.

Jeff's knowledge, skill, compassion and caring have been realized by many. These qualities have helped him gain 'Nurse of the Year' nominations over the past few years and this DAISY Award.