Janine Brys

Janine Brys

Janine Brys, RN

Emergency Department
Saint Peter's University Hospital (NJ)
New Brunswick, New Jersey
United States

Janine Brys has always been an amazing member of the Emergency Department. She is well respected by the physicians, nurses, patient care techs and access representatives. In the ED we often provide clearance and hold a number of psychiatric patients on a daily basis. This group is often difficult to manage and riddled with social, emotional and addiction issues that require skill and compassion when delivering care. Janine has an extensive background in psychiatric nursing and serves as a strong advocate for this population, ensuring we provide appropriate care and most importantly that they are treated with respect and dignity while waiting often for days in the ED for an inpatient bed at a treatment facility.

Recently Janine was working and a peer sent an email detailing an event that is one of many for Janine, but represents nursing in such a positive way and truly emulates the spirit behind the DAISY Award She wrote:

"a psychiatric patient, found unresponsive, hearing voices, suicidal and claiming to have taken over the counter meds as a suicide attempt was brought in by EMS. She had left her children, ages 22 months and 11 months home alone when she went out. The police brought them to us the next day at 7 pm. Child Protective Services took custody and let the children stay with their grandparents. But Janine stayed at work until 11 pm to help care for these children while the police and DYFS did their investigation. She played with and fed these children and made sure they felt loved and protected while they were here with us and in her care. Mom got a treatment plan and will hopefully get whatever help she needs and resources for raising her children."

Janine often steps up and into the tough situations that require one's own time, money and resources. I can personally recall Janine handing a patient a $50.00 bill of her own to assist with transportation home when they were without money or resources. Janine is one of the most compassionate nurses I know.