Jane Furry

Jane Furry

Jane Furry, RN, BSN

Behavorial Health
Paris Community Hospital/Family Medical Center
Paris, Illinois
United States

...A recent patient was changed by Jane and her group. He was personally responsible for referring several people to the program because of the impact it made in his own life. His children described his change like this: "He changed from an angry man to a wonderful kind and generous man". Jane was instrumental with his success, he didn't want to come at first then became the cheerleader for what the group did to change his life, the dedication she and the staff gave to him and so many others is impressive. Jane and her staff don't just work 8-5, they develop relationships with patients, families, and their significant others, this relationship is what makes the difference. Jane doesn't know the word stranger, she's one of the nicest most generous nurses you will ever meet.

Jane's nomination was in part due to one of this patient's last falls that resulted in a subdural hematoma, which after a week in the hospital had to be drained. When Jane visited him in the hospital just prior to the drains being surgically placed, he was able to talk sluggishly but Jane was able to converse with him. After the drains he couldn't put words together. He could say "yes & no", and start a sentence but not finish it. Jane visited him at home before and after he was placed on Hospice. He was teary. She just talked to him and held his hand. Once medications were started he was no longer awake.She still talked to him and updated him on things at Senior Care. She reinforced what a positive role model he was for all our group members and all the good things he had done for others. During her last visit Jane read the Bible to him in his home with his family present and told him how honored we were to have him in our lives and how much we would miss him. She was there until he drew his last breath. Jane was mentioned by the family in his obituary. His son told them he didn't know how the family could have done this without her and was moved by the care and love given.


Jane is a great person. I have personally witnessed her on her own time outside of M-F, taking clients to events such as art shows because they didn't have anyone to take them. She cares for people outside the four walls of her day to day activities and job. Her generosity extends way above and beyond.