Jake Alt

Jake Alt

Jake Alt, RN

Cardiac/Vascular Holding
Winchester Medical Center
Winchester, Virginia
United States

I wanted you to know what a wonderful experience I had at WMC on Thursday. Jake Alt provided me an experience that surpassed anything I have ever experience in a surgical setting. It was like he had a sixth sense and provided my wife and me with essentials without the need of us asking (he "anticipated" almost every need)!

I volunteer in the Emergency Room at Warren Memorial Hospital and know the advantage for humor in intense settings and what a wonderful relief to have someone that can administer humor in an enjoyable way. Jake was quick to understand my willingness/need to joke with staff and other patients as a way of relieving tension and anxiety of my anticipated surgery. What I had been anxious about for several days (even though I was not "nervous of the outcome" of my procedure as I left that in the hands of the Lord), I was a little concerned with the anticipation of the procedure. Jake was very professional administering his nursing responsibilities, but knew how to interject just the right amount of humor to resolve my fears (it became a battle of wits between us and was most enjoyable)!

Jake's professionalism was evident with his calling me "Mr. N..." even after I requested he call me by my first name/nickname! When leaving, he insisted on tying my shoes and requiring a wheelchair ride to my car. When I apologized for our numerous requests, he commented "it's my pleasure, sir".

All I can say is "Job well done, Jake; job well done!"