May 2019
Resnick Neuropsychiatric Hospital
Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center
Los Angeles
United States




Due to severe illness, I have had the good fortune to have met and (thank goodness) have Jacob as my RN twice. On both occasions, he has been one of the most caring, kind, sensitive, patient, and responsible RNs I have ever met - and I have met a lot due to my illness. He always emits positive energy and an authentic willingness to help and be of service to his patients. He always tries to focus on the solution or request, expeditiously and authentically cheerfully. He always smiles to his patients - and to any patient he comes into contact with, whether they are sad, catatonic, depressed, [no matter their situation]. He does not judge patients or treat them condescendingly because of their illness. He has fine-tuned the art of separating the harsh and ugly mental illnesses from the person. While it is true that psychiatric illness is like a physical illness, unfortunately, many people forget to separate the illness from the person, [which can make the situation worse]. This will never happen with Jacob. He is an extraordinary "STAR," role model, "poster nurse" especially poster psychiatric RN!