Jaclyn Griffith

Jaclyn Griffith

Jaclyn Griffith, BSN, RN

Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals - Center City (PA)
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
United States

Oncology staff nurse Jaclyn Griffith, BSN, RN is the newest recipient of Jefferson’s DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses. Jaclyn was honored with the award on April 23 during a surprise visit to her 3 West Unit. The award, offered through the DAISY Foundation, is part of Jefferson Nursing’s efforts to recognize the amazing work done by our nurses every day.

Jaclyn received two DAISY nominations for consideration, both from other staff nurses for the DAISY award. Here is the inspiring story about Jaclyn: “Jaclyn became very close with a young woman on our floor who had leukemia. The patient was 18, but developmentally much younger. Jaclyn had done many nice things for this patient and her family; she also wanted to have a “prom” for her in April. However, the patient started getting sicker, so Jaclyn and the staff moved up the event. At the last minute they gathered decorations, and all wore purple, the patient’s favorite color. They had a tiara and prom dress for the patient, complete with food, music, decorations, karaoke and photos. Jaclyn even went so far as to crown the prom queen, (the patient), and a king (a staff member the patient selected) and created a photo album, which all of the staff signed.”

The patient’s prom was held on Monday and she died three days later. Jaclyn organized this prom in two days to make this patient’s dying wish come true. Jaclyn exceeded expectations as a nurse, spent her own time and money, and put an incredible amount of effort to give this patient something that she would never otherwise experience. She truly exemplified what a DAISY nurse is and demonstrates the best of Jefferson nursing in her efforts.