Jackie Bennett
January 2018
Emergency Department
Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center
United States




Jackie Bennett, a clinical nurse in the Emergency Department (ED), thought she was headed to an early morning meeting with the ED Unit Nurse Manager. But instead, she was greeted by a roomful of her colleagues and D-H leadership who all applauded when she was told that she was being presented with the DAISY Award for this quarter. “Thank you for the many differences you make every day.”

Her nominator wrote, “Jackie always puts her patient and their family first, even when she has six patients and patient families. She always takes the time to discuss in detail their discharge or next step. Jackie is upbeat, energetic, knowledgeable and ready to teach at any moment. Her communication with the staff is spot on, and she is able to communicate other things in a hectic environment without the patient becoming concerned. Jackie never leaves a room without asking one more time if she can do something for someone.”

“Jackie is just phenomenal. She takes great care of our patients,” said her nurse manager, who noted the Bennett works the 3 am to 3 pm shift. “They all love her. I’ve never had a single patient who didn’t. She’s a wonderful nurse.”

“I like the diversity of my job, my supervisors are really supportive, and I have fun at work,” Bennett said. She said she makes a point of coming to work every day with a good attitude and tries to brighten the days of her co-workers and patients. “When you spend your time focusing on their sickness and not trying to lighten things up, it can often be more stressful for the patient. So, I try to make things a little lighter while I’m here because sometimes joking around with my patients helps them relax.”