Leo Mamadou
August 2019
Ibrahim "Leo"
University of Virginia Health System
United States




I have been in many hospitals in my lifetime for medical issues or surgeries. I have been well taken care of by the staff in each facility. However, the quality of care associated with the work of Leo after this latest difficult surgery was truly exceptional. Leo was exceptional because:
• His attentiveness to my needs. I felt like I had a private nurse because his follow up and follow through was outstanding. He was always there to help.
• Leo had great listening skills. With each visit, he probed me about how I was doing. He then would speak to me about better ways to improve my comfort and he did this each time he came into my room. He took nothing for granted.
• Leo was very gentle with his requests of me and letting me know what to expect. His gentleness did a lot to eliminate any fears I might have when he had to work with me.
• Leo was very efficient in following doctor's orders and he would explain to me what had been requested and then work with me to make sure it was done.
• It was very important to my wife and me that my wife stay with me in the hospital. Leo was very helpful in setting us up and he was very considerate of my wife's needs as well. It was almost like he was this tall concierge for the room and both of us were being helped by Leo.
• There were no surprises. Leo was on top of things and I was kept up to speed with all that was being done and felt very relaxed because of this.
There was one other quality to note about Leo that I want to comment on. In my opinion, he emulates an outstanding commitment to what he does each day. I am not readily able to give a specific situation of this. The best way to describe it is by example. I am sure that most people have been in a room and someone has walked in and as the person comes in, their presences fills the room and it is obvious who this person is and what they are about. Nothing much needs to be said, but the picture is clear. This is the way it was with Leo. As he entered my room, I could feel the kindness, the thoughtfulness, and the interest in me and my welfare. He did not even have to speak, his intent was clear. This was not work or a job for him. He was there because he wanted to be, it was his passion. I was not a burden but instead was somebody that he wanted to help, wanted to work with, and wanted to see heal. And as a patient, knowing that someone really cares and someone is really interested in you makes a big difference. Leo was truly exceptional and I am very fortunate that he was there during my recovery.