Hugh Friar

Hugh Friar

Hugh Friar, BSN, RN, RN-BC

Cardiothoracic Surgery Unit
University of Tennessee Medical Center
Knoxville, Tennessee
United States
As a special treat, Hugh brought in my favorite food from a restaurant that specialized in preparing it. I was very touched by his thoughtfulness and kindness.

I've been hospitalized 11 of the last 14 weeks over three different admissions for a large pneumothorax.  I have received excellent care by nurses in the Emergency Department, Operating Room, Recovery Room, Endoscopy Unit, three different acute care floors, and one critical care unit.  However, one nurse, Hugh Friar, has shown exceptional compassion and concern.  I would like to nominate him for the DAISY Award, which recognizes extraordinary clinical skill and compassionate care.

Hugh has demonstrated exceptional nursing skills.  He shows great attention to detail and his memory is like a steel trap.  He can often recall complex details of my care and provides meaningful rationale and answers to all my questions.  His IV skills are good, and he was able to get one started when others could not.

Hugh is very centered as a person and displays a quiet confidence in his interaction with patients and families.  He knows who he is and what he wants to do, which is to help people.  He shows extraordinary compassion and concern for his patients.  After eating the same hospital food for many weeks, my appetite had seriously declined.  Hugh recognized I wasn't eating very much and talked to me about it.  When he discovered I was just so sick of the hospital food, he asked what I liked to eat.  As a special treat, he brought in my favorite food from a restaurant that specialized in preparing it.  I was very touched by his thoughtfulness and kindness.  When I had to go to critical care for a few days after a procedure, Hugh visited the unit several times to check on me and even came by on one of his off days.

I hope this adequately conveys the high caliber of this young man. He is a true DAISY Nurse.

Nurse Manager comments:

Hugh is one of a kind.  He started as a Junior Volunteer and realized his passion was for nursing.  While in nursing school he worked as a CNA on the floor.  His patients ALWAYS love him!  He is so personal and individualized with their care.  The compliments come every day he works.  He follows up with patients and families if they have to transition to CVICU or other ICUs.  Some families have stayed in touch after discharge to keep him “up to date”.  He is truly vested/interested in staying “up to date.”  He creates a bond beyond his 12-hour shift.  There are numerous stories on patient/family interactions.  His intent is genuine, and he feels like it is his calling to serve and make a connection with each and every one of his patients.  As this patient said, “it is hard to convey the high caliber man he is”.