Hope Gibson

Hope Gibson

Hope Gibson, RN

Scotland Cancer Treatment Center
Scotland Health Care System
Laurinburg, North Carolina
United States
Hope will go visit and console a family even when the patient's journey here in the cancer center comes to an end.

Hope Gibson is an extraordinary nurse. She goes out of her way to help patients in the Cancer Center. She will arrange transportation for a patient, meet them at a doctor’s appointment, and even meet them at surgery. Every patient that embraces our doors knows exactly who “Hope” is, or “that lady that I talked to before coming here”. I have worked with her for the past 8 years and have seen her grow tremendously.

Hope started her journey in the Cancer Center as the radiation nurse. From there she would go out of her way to show patients how to take care of PEG tubes and even call the surgeon for them, no matter where the surgeon may be located. She would gather records and perform tasks even down to setting up transportation for a patient to get to Duke or Chapel Hill for treatment. Then she transitioned into the navigator role.

Though navigator was a fairly new job description, Hope took it on and excelled as always. She began managing the care of all patients in the cancer center. She would know their plan of care and was able to belt it out to a provider within a matter of seconds. She knew where a patient was, where they had been, and where they were going. She was our provider’s right-hand man, or woman, I should say!

As we implemented the case management model, Hope truly began to navigate patients. She is in imaging as they receive the abnormal scan results, follows the patient to the surgeon to get the news, and then follows them right on over to the cancer center or wherever they continue their care. In cancer treatment, a patient hears and receives so much information at one time; from the surgeon, the oncologist, their primary care provider, that it can all be overwhelming. Hope is the person who helps to navigate them through their whole plan of care. She is wonderful in explaining to a patient what is going on and what is awaiting them in the future. Hope connects with patients on a level that amazes me. They attach to her and she carries them through their journey. She will go visit and console a family even when the patient's journey here in the cancer center comes to an end.

Hope has grown so much in the past 8 years. She holds a wealth of knowledge that is outstanding. She is a wonderful nurse, friend, and asset to our center. She is the first to tell a patient, “We’ve got you, do not worry,” and she sincerely means every single word of it. Hope Gibson will have you no matter who you are or what the situation may be!


Hope Gibson is the true definition of compassion. She holds her role as navigator very seriously and has personally taken ownership to ensure she is available to the patients that receive their cancer diagnosis at the surgeon’s office. She developed this process based on need and Scotland Surgical providers are thrilled to have her there in their office. She meets the patient with the provider then is given the opportunity for the patient to share their emotions. Hope reassures the patient that she will be with them on their journey.  She has met patients at other doctor’s appointments; she has been at outpatient registration greeting the patient for a procedure, she is there when results are given and ensures that the patient knows they have a contact they can call at Scotland.

Hope has performed some amazing coordination for patients, not only locally but out of town.  Hope does just that, offers hope and calmness to those patients that have just had the worst day of their life. Physicians can be confident that Hope is taking care of their patients. She has worked behind the scenes to coordinate multiple tests be back to back to avoid the patient long wait times between tests.  Hope has been given the gift of compassion and we are lucky to have her in this role as a cancer navigator.

Hope has been instrumental in our cancer awareness campaigns, involved in the school system tobacco cessation initiative. She is very passionate about stomping out the use of tobacco in the youth and as a result, the healthcare system has pledged to the American Hospital Association Equity of Care. She also attends all community/industry events to perform lung and colon screenings to assist patients in scheduling their screenings as early detection is the key.

Hope has also stepped out of her comfort zone by going with our Duke physicians marketing our service line. She developed a proximity sheet of just how close we are to outlying towns. This has been received very well by our referral sources. She develops close relationships with the specialist’s nurses and is excellent with follow-up.  We have seen an uptick in our referrals as a result.

I am proud to say that Hope Gibson works for us and she is the face of our Cancer Program.