May 2018
Nerancy Neurology Intensive Care Unit
University of Virginia Health System
United States




I assumed care of a very critical patient from Hayley at shift change. The patient was a teenager who had previously expressed interest in being an organ donor should anything happen to him. When an unexpected injury occurred, and he became terminally compromised in health, Hayley collaborated with LifeNet for several consecutive shifts while the patient was worked up to become a donor.
Hayley delivered exceptional care and compassion to the patient's mother, who needed continual support during the donor process. The patient's mother stated to me that her son's last wish would be to donate to others to give them life, and Hayley was the catalyst who helped them during this final stage of his life.
Hayley stayed over during her shift to be with the patient as he was terminally extubated and continued to provide quality care with nursing excellence during his final time on earth. Donation is a very lengthy process that involves several days of high quality care and communication between the family members and LifeNet, and Hayley exceeded not only the criteria, but extended her personal love and support to the patient and family members during a very devastating time.