Gina Brinsey

Gina Brinsey, RN

St. Elizabeth Boardman Health Center
Youngstown, Ohio
United States

“This nurse is the exact kind of nurse that I want to be. She treats each patient like family and is by far the best co-worker you could have. She is an extra ordinary resource and she continually goes above and beyond for her patients and families. I had a patient that was extremely sick and going down hill fast along with an admission one night, and without “Saint Gina” as we call her, I would have never made it. As busy as she was with her own patients she admitted my new patient, and didn’t leave my side until my other one stabilized. She truly has a way about her that makes everyone around her at ease. I can honestly say I’ve never seen her in a bad mood. She is always smiling and bringing such amazing enthusiasm to her work. She treats the patients and families with the dignity and respect they deserve and some how she always finds the time to give her patients a “warm lotion back rub” even on the busiest of nights. She is truly a wonderful role model for the staff around her. A statement that I hear over and over from the staff is “oh, Gina is working…. It’s going to be a good night! She meets every criteria that is listed and so many more. I fell truly lucky to work side by side with someone so wonderful. She is what nursing is all about. Our unit wouldn’t be the same without her.”